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Congratulations !!!


Mr. Kan Poonnoi is the 3rd place winner in Global 3D 2022, he selected GDW servos for this competition.


GDW servos are trusted by professional pilots thanks to reliable quality and high-cost performance.

Global 3d 2022 winner recommends GDW servo
GDW Servo sponsored pilot

High Performance IC Chipset

GDW servo adopted high performance chip
  • Effective range: above 4090 dpi – Effect for detailed level in action of flying.
  • Stable and smooth – Effect for the smooth motion in flying.
  • Nearly no dead band – Effect for the deviation in flying.
  • Tail response / The brake time is shorter; Low inertia. – The accuracy of tail in flying (especially in F3C, F3N, 3D Master).

Ultra Torque Brushless Motor and Coreless Motor

Built for Extreme Operating Conditions. Precise, Reliable Quality and Lifespan

High Strength Precision Gear Set

CNC Machining All-metal Case

High precision and accuracy. CNC machining all-metal case eliminates flex for a more stable gear train and servo mounting points, especially for heavier vehicles.


Servo Chart

Why Choose GDW ?

In the pandemic / post-pandemic era, choosing an RC servo supplier who can offer high-cost performance and reliable quality servo products is strongly recommended.

GDW Servos Are Reliable Alternatives to Other Expensive Servos.

Focusing on manufacturing RC Servos Since From 2010

High Quality and Technology of Products. Advanced Gear Sets Production and CNC Machining Equipments

Reliable partner with you; Founders are industry experts and servo geeks
Served Worldwide Brands on Custom OEM/ODM Digital Servos with Professionalism, Honesty, Efficiency and Steadiness

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