About GDW

Since from 2010, GDW has been focusing on manufacturing digital servos. Self-developed precision manufacturing facilities such as CNC machines and advanced Gear Set production machines are committed to offering the best servo that fits each project. GDW factory has served world-renowned brands and OEMs for them and produced the highest quality servos. Maybe you have known or even used the famous brand servo before, but it comes from the production and assembly workshop of GDW’s RC servo factory. The founders, Mr. Wen and Mr. Chen were born engineers. They have been immersed in the field of digital servo research and development and manufacturing for many years. They can be called industry experts and servo geeks. GDW has the capabilities of manufacturing our products to your specifications as well as assisting in the manufacturing process.

GDW is well known for reliability, some hobbyists will use nothing else but GDW servos. Thanks to stable quality, and affordable factory direct wholesale price, GDW servos are reliable alternatives to other very expensive servos, and great replacement or upgrade for stock servos.

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