GDW 992 is designed for racer version RC Helicopter swash plate. BLS995 is high-speed tail lock servo, neat and clean. The ball bearings give lower friction and less stick/slip and a much longer life.

The BLS995HV narrow-band tail-locking servo cannot be directly plugged into the receiver. It can only work at 760us through the gyroscope. The tail-locking servo is a special narrow-band signal, which cannot work normally when plugged into the receiver and the servo tester (it shows that the receiver does not move, most of the servos test meanings are also motionless, and a few servo testers can Let the rudder move a little bit, it is not working properly anyway), only when it is plugged into the gyroscope, and the correct narrow-band signal is selected, can the tail lock servo move (the gyroscope that has not been connected to the computer has not been selected because the correct signal is not selected) , also cannot make the tail lock servo move, K8 selects the second row in the tail lock page)

GDW BLS992 and BLS995 are digital servos. Digital servo reacts faster, more initial torque, greater holing power, pulses are sent to the motor at a rate of 300 per second. The digital types have a reduced deadband, a faster response and quicker and smoother acceleration and better holding power.

GDW 992

Brushless motor offers longer life, more reliable, more torque. Regarding the specs°@8.4V. This torque figure means that a force of 28kg will be generated at a 1cm radius, this servo rotates the shaft for 60° in 0.055 seconds. 8.4V is specified as 2 cell lipo packs, after a fresh charge, can peak higher than the theoretical voltage.

GDW factory manufactured and assembled its steel gear set with its owned gear set manufacturing machines. For high-end applications such as high-speed competition level helis, an aluminum case to help dissipate the heat is required. Both GDW GLS992 and BLS995 models are used aluminum cases to aid in heat dissipation thanks to the factory’s CNC machines’ produced metal shell.

Generally, GDW BLS992 HV is a high-speed digital steering gear that fits racing class helicopters.  Some famous flyers like to use GDW BS992HV and BS995HV together, please watch this video:

Just contact us to have a try or get some samples to test:

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