Digital Servo FAQ

FAQ Q: How to maintain the servo gearbox set?A: Lubrication simply lowers the amount of resistance between 2 moving mechanical parts or components. Every 6~9 months, the gearbox should be maintained at least one time. Also, to prevent from gear being locked, if you feel the speed or torque of the servo dropped, please maintain […]

What does a trusted digital servo supplier look like?

As a business (retailer, dealer, distributor, or manufacturer) in related industries such as RC, industrial robots, etc., it is an unavoidable thing to find a trustworthy and reliable supplier of steering servos. There are several worldwide well-known branded servos but they all have an obvious disadvantage, that is, they are expensive, very expensive. In the […]

GDW DS190X 11.5KG Metal Gear Digital Servo for Fixed Wing Glider

Today let’s talk about the GDW DS190X servo which is designed for RC fixed wing gliders. Firstly, let’s see the motor type. DS190X is installed with a Coreless motor (10*20mm). The specialty of Coreless Motors lies in its dependability and excessive power. The coreless motor offers a faster response time, and a more efficient, smoother […]

About GDW servo BLS992 and BLS995

GDW 992 is designed for racer version RC Helicopter swash plate. BLS995 is high-speed tail lock servo, neat and clean. The ball bearings give lower friction and less stick/slip and a much longer life. The BLS995HV narrow-band tail-locking servo cannot be directly plugged into the receiver. It can only work at 760us through the gyroscope. […]