Q: How to maintain the servo gearbox set?
A: Lubrication simply lowers the amount of resistance between 2 moving mechanical parts or components. Every 6~9 months, the gearbox should be maintained at least one time. Also, to prevent from gear being locked, if you feel the speed or torque of the servo dropped, please maintain the gear immediately. Veteran hobbyists suggest you to wipe all of the white grease out as it may have fragments of broken teeth in it. It’s wise to look twice for any broken teeth remaining in the grease

Q: My rudder servo is very hot after the flight, is it safe?
A: The temperature of the rudder or swash plate servo will be higher after a flight. It is a normal phenomenon if the temperature goes up within 30 degree. The highest temperature of the servo case of a coreless motor might reach to 80°C, and the brushless motor might reach to 100°C. It could shorten the lifespan of the servo if the servo temperature is too high. For better heat dissipating, please do not expose the servo under the sun too long. Moreover, please do not touch the servo case after flights.

Q: How to proceed a servos diagnosis?
A: If your servo stopped working, there might be direct damage, it includes, but is not limited to, gear damage or a burned up servo motor. To make a quick diagnosis, plug in another servo and confirm your receiver battery pack still has power going to the servo. Sometimes its something that’s malfunctioning in the power system connected to the receiver.
When you have a high power servo, your BEC or receiver battery can overload which causes the servo to quit working. But that doesn’t mean the servo is bad. It just means it’s overloaded or it is the result of voltage depletion in the ESC’s internal BEC.


Q: Why RC Car Servos Matter to Quality Performance
A: R/C servos are special little motors that guide the steering and the operation of the throttle embedded in your RC car by following instructions from the transmitter. They convert the radio signal sent from the RC controller into a specific motion on the RC vehicle to provide physical movements.

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