GDW 992 is designed for racer version RC Helicopter swash plate

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  • Very fast and high torque servo for Helicopters, large 3D airplanes and Jets
  • Brushless Digital Servo Helicopter Swash Plate Servo for X7 / KDS7.2 / SAB700 Racer Version RC Helicopter
  • Race-class helicopter steering gear
  • Helicopter high-speed digital steering gear
  • Stainless steel output teeth, double bearings
  • Tough and wear-resistant
  • Quick response, extraordinary response
  • 28KG 0.055S
  • High-speed tail lock servo, neat and clean
  • Competition level configuration, player selection
  • High speed and stable

Additional information

Motor Type

Brushless Motor 17*18mm

Operating Frequency


Torque. Speed. Size°@6.0V°@7.4V°@8.4V


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