As a business (retailer, dealer, distributor, or manufacturer) in related industries such as RC, industrial robots, etc., it is an unavoidable thing to find a trustworthy and reliable supplier of steering servos.

There are several worldwide well-known branded servos but they all have an obvious disadvantage, that is, they are expensive, very expensive.

In the pandemic and post-pandemic era, it is really necessary to choose an RC servo supplier who can offer cost-effective, stable, and reliable quality servo products.

Such suppliers must exist in China. According to the international industrial system divided by the United Nations, all industries are divided into 41 industrial categories, 191 medium categories, 525 subclasses. According to this standard, China is the only country in the world that has all the industrial categories in the United Nations Industrial Classification. This is the country with the most complete supply chain system in the world. It can create complex products that are difficult for other countries to handle and can produce large-scale and low-cost products. Produce civilian and even military products while ensuring reliable quality.

Back to the topic, how to find a reliable supplier of digital servo?

In my opinion, it has several such features:

First of all, there are many years of experience in rudder servo manufacturing. GDW servo manufacturing factory has been engaged in the production of rudder servo since 2010. In the early stage, it mainly made OEM/ODM orders. It has served world-renowned brands and OEMs for them and produced the highest quality servos. Maybe you have known or even used the famous brand servo before, but it comes from the production and assembly workshop of GDW’s RC servo factory. The founders, Mr. Wen and Mr. Chen were born engineers. They have been immersed in the field of digital servo research and development and manufacturing for many years. They can be called industry experts and servo geeks.

Second, it is best to focus. If a factory does everything, such as producing not only RC servos, but also motors, batteries, and other electronic accessories, it seems to be very large, but this may not be your best choice. Because they may not be able to provide you with the best service due to too much distraction. There are much internal personnel, many departments, senior bureaucracy, and low efficiency. On the contrary, the scale-like GDW is not very large, but it only focuses on the production of digital servo which can provide the best service, the strictest quality control, and the most efficient response and meet your needs, especially your customized OEM steering gear servos products, from raw material selection, procurement, rudder servo assembly, testing, GDW team can communicate with you at the fastest speed to confirm clearly and concentrate factory resources to serve your project well.

Finally, the servo product has been tested by the market and experienced by hobbyists, pilots, and players. After the test, it received rave reviews and praises. Everyone says it’s really good. GDW servo has many customer reviews and test videos:

Thanks to high performance, stable quality, and affordable factory direct wholesale price, GDW servos are reliable alternatives to other very expensive servos, and great replacement or upgrade for stock servos.

Get in touch with GDW team to get samples to test or discuss further on your RC servo OEM project:

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